Could it be love?… (Chapter 7)

Story of my life- love, career, relationships and cities
Chapter 5 Chapter 6


December 2009

I can’t really complain as much about Mumbai as I did in the first few months. I mean work hassles are a thing of the past, I have managed to make a few friends albeit they are foreigners and will possibly move back within the next few months but anything is better than nothing and finally I am not miserable. I mean I still miss home way too much for me to ignore that I need to think about it harder. A lot has to do with my job, but I have a new interview and post lined up and those people seem very keen to hire me, so can’t wait to see how that works out. As for my love life, that is taking quite a precedence currently.

Smitten is really sweet and really nice but I feel we want different things from life. I mean my mom came down last month which definitely did not help the situation cause like I said Smitten wants to get married like yesterday. He feels it is the right time for him to get married so he is constantly pressuring me to take it seriously. Which is why since I have met most of his friends and family he wanted to meet my mom which I did make them do and dear god! I don’t know who is more annoying. Possibly my mother who has already dreamt of everything from my wedding to her grandkids. First I had to make her swear not to tell a soul besides dad and my brother, that too he told me she mentioned it to some friend of theirs so I lost it and she hasn’t told anyone post that. Secondly it just made the whole thing real, that ok, its official take a few months and then we announce an engagement. Now considering I wasn’t completely happy about the thought of being in Mumbai or my job per se, marriage is not something I want in my life at this point. Plus he belongs to a different school of thought, where he has a regular job and regular timings, parties only on Saturdays and goes to bed by eleven latest. My job, well timings are irregular at best and crazy at worst. Also a major part of my job is to attend events and socialise, which means that only happens at night to which his sister pretty much took me aside one night and made it clear their family is very strict and an independent girl like me might have trouble fitting in and he supported her theory. So as you can guess disinterest has crept in from both ends. We can both figure the inevitable that there was no way given the current circumstance or situation we can make this relationship work so we were decided to take a break during the most festive time of the year, Plus I had met KC and as much as I would like to say I am a smart, practical girl and should have been careful specially after my last break-up with Mr.M, I was young, still a bit naïve and finally fell hard for someone, the rest took a back seat.

KC is an advertising guy who has lived in London the past few years but is now in India. I met him a few months ago at one of the Mumbai parties I had started now frequenting, oh I forgot to mention, the night life in Mumbai is exactly as they claim it to be, fun, lively and the city literally never sleeps. I can’t remember the last time I came home before breakfast from partying. Back to KC or Karam Chopra, Hot, smart and suave. He is one of those guys who can be friends with both men and women with equal ease, can be the life of a party and also have a deep conversation about the universe or quote Rumi, depending on the situation. He is planning to move back to India,mostly since his wife and he are separated and filing for a divorce, and his father is not keeping too well. He and I were not what you would call friends but hung out occasionally only in groups. Even though I have noticed him, he is much older than me, I am dating someone, he is technically still married and he is out of my league. Even though people always claim I am quite attractive I end up having a tough time believing it, a childhood insecurity I guess, shyness combined with bad skin but I can never imagine a guy like Karam interested in me. Also, I have actually never seen him interested in any girl, he has friends but I have never seen him make a move of date anyone, and he has much prettier options so I definitely don’t stand a chance. This changes during Christmas-New year, by now Smitten and I have reached a point where we hardly speak and now neither f us really even make effort to hang out, Karan and I finally go out for drinks and have a great night, actually one of my best nights in Mumbai so far. He is fun and intelligent which I already knew but we also have a lot in common and get along really well so conversation just does not die down and we are both having a blast. As you can guess the night ends up with us kissing. I don’t know what freaks me out more, the fact that I am barely out of a relationship or that I just kissed a married guy, well kind of married anyway, but wow! it was completely worth it. Not only the kiss but the connection between us is amazing, suddenly I am excited to go into 2010..

To be continued…


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